Since he was young he has been interesting in arts, travels, society and media.

Héctor Lozano Gonzáles is a communications professor at the Peruvian Universidad Privada del Norte, is a photographer, visual artist and he’s collaborated as a freelance journalist with the German magazine Digital Development Debates and Tea After Twelve.

Furthermore, he was a writer and editor at the university magazine “Día Treinta”. Héctor has set up four photography exhibitions and a collective performance at the 1rst International Gathering of Visual Arts in Toluca – Mexico, 2004. The exhibition “Antiestres” was shown at Daniel Rodríguez Hoyle Library of Universidad Privada del Norte in 2007, “Epidermis” was presented in 2011 at Impromptu gallery of El Cultural and in 2012 at Alliance Française of Trujillo, “El cielo a medio hacer” was exhibited at the Azur gallery of Alliance Française of Trujillo in November of 2012. In 2014 he’s collaborated with the public urban series interventions “Gold Plating Monument”, this project reached the finalist position at the National Art Contemporary Contest of Peru, exhibited at the Cultural Center Ricardo Palma. “Habitat” an art installation was exhibited at El Cultural in 2015 and finally, on coming December of 2016 he will show his last artwork at the Ccori Wasi gallery of Ricardo Palma University in Lima.


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