The Nanotechnology Miracle

The Cascajo Wetlands in the 90s: A pristine landscape of lakes and meadows, home to more than a thousand species of migratory birds, and an oasis of peace and relaxation.

What happens though when a natural paradise we remember fondly from childhood is on the brink of complete and devastating collapse? When the land is choked with rubbish and the lake filled with poison? Do we return to the place we were once so happy to save it?

This is exactly what Peruvian-Japanese scientist Marino Morikawa did: In 2010, his father told him that the Cascajo wetlands were so contaminated that they were about to be capped. Although the environmental scientist was working at Tsukuba University laboratories in Japan at the time, he decided to fly the 15,000 km back to Peru to see with his own eyes what his father had told him about El Cascajo. – See more at:

Morikawa family film 01Text and photo by Fasalá


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