People unknown at Ariman bar, Lund


The last Sunday afternoon I walked around Lund, I left my house around 11 am and decided to spend time at the Stad Biblioteket, it is open every day from 11 am, even Sundays.

As every Sunday I went to listening the English mass version at Domkyrka (The Church)  for the English speakers and foreign visitors, but that day I  had been thirsty and the idea to drink a beer struck my mind.

After the library I walked slowly, it was 4 pm and the mass will start at 5 pm. I’m alone in this city, I thought, and people I’ve met are not so close or not enough to call them and ask for get fun in a bar. Anyway, reminded the famous phrase of a Peruvian singer Esther Granados “Solita me jaraneo” / “Get fun by myself” I got in Ariman Bar.

Being alone in a bar is an experience, always something could happen, people within a bar looks friendly and talkative, much than they usually are.

This Bar is located close to the church, it has a nice entrance with a tall wood door, brick walls and a big windows since you can see the customers drinking coffee, reading, working or talking each other. The place hasn’t a expensive decoration, it’s quite cheap and modest, for common or student people, the average.

The first time I was here was with Alex and Hasse, we were drinking first sitting at the bar and then at the back saloon, in an attempt to my flirting wishes I walked to the table’s girls to make new friends, unfortunately they were not friendly, they laughed at me, fuck off, I thought, and left them. I can’t avoid remember the video Girls Are Assholes: At a bar.

My second time was so much better, I sat at the bar again. I like being sitting here cause I have the possibility to look around and talk with someone sitting next to me. That time, a man with long gray hair talked with me about music, he asked for an old Peruvian rock band which had existed before The Beatles and which influenced at the beginning many other  European bands. This Peruvian band was calling “Los Saicos” 1960. This man told me also about his experience living and working in Spain, I met the bartenders and I’ve could talked a little with them as well.

The last time, I met Tove (the bar woman) and  Bo Christer Mortenssån the funny young man in his 64 years old, who talked to me about his ex Thailand wife, its three sons and its adventures in Berlin. After being drinking two glasses of Falcon beer, Bo have suggested I should try Carlsbergs beer. It is one of the best beers, he said, and it was.

But he not only gave me an advice, he was bothering the bar women, I’m not sure if he asked for sex or did another purpose, not so much to turns the bar woman anger, cause she smiled a little and kept working.

It’s normal for her, Bo said, she heard things like that always. Bo from Helsingborg öresund, kept drinking his third cafe latte, while I have finished my beer.  Maja from Bosnia already is gone.



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